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1. General:
  • Doors shall be designed and constructed for accurate installation, proper alignment, and ease in operation. They shall be infitting and overlap on frame.
2. Standard Door Construction:
  • A. Door shall consist of two formed metal sheets, separated by and bonded to foamed-in-place urethane insulation and reinforced framing to form a rigid door.
  • B. Each door shall be equipped with magnetic gasket around perimeter of door. It shall form an air-tight seal, be resistant to water, oil, fats, sunlight, and be easily replaced.
  • C. An adjustable, double-blade, rubber sweep gasket shall be on bottom edge of door.
  • D. Freezer doors 48' wide and larger shall be fitted with a 115-volt, anti-condensate heat wire around perimeter of the door.
3. Insulation:
  • Door thickness shall be 4', Class 1, rigid, foamed-in-place, urethane insulation with a minimum density of two pounds per cubic foot and a 97% closed cell structure.
  • -R value (material resistance to heat) 29.0. -K factor (thermal conductivity) .139. -U factor (co-efficient of heat transfer) .035.
4. Metal Finish:
  • 26-gauge, stucco-embossed steel (galvanized) shall be used on the interior and exterior of the door and frame.
5. Door Hardware:
  • A. Hinges for door size 30" x 78' through 60" x 96" shall be heavyduty, cam-lift with chrome-plated, die-cast metal. Third hinge installed on doors 48" wide and larger, and is optional on smaller doors.
  • B. Latches for all door sizes shall be chrome-plated, die-cast metal, have provision for padlock and have an inside safety release handle.
  • C. Option: A guide wheel support can be installed on all door sizes 48" x 78" through 60" x 96".
6. Door Jamb:
  • A. Jamb shall be made of kiln-dried wood that is sealed and covered with metal to match door unless otherwise specified.
  • B. All standard door jambs shall be fitted with a 115-volt, anti-condensate heat wire. A metal strip shall conceal heat wire.
  • C. All standard door widths up to 42" shall have stainless steel threshold.
  • D. Standard Opening Sizes: 30" x 78" 36' x 78" 36" x 84" 42" x 78" 42" x 84" 48" x 78 48' x 84" 54' x 78" 54" x 84" 60" x 78" 60' x 84" 60" x 96' Other sizes available upon request.
7. Reach-in Doors:
  • A. Construction shall be same as standard door (2A and B).
  • B. Insulation shall be same type and thickness as used in standard door.
  • C. Metal finish shall be same as used on standard door.
  • D. Door hinges and latch shall be same as used on standard door (5A and B).
  • E. Doorjamb shall be same as standard door (6A and B).
  • F. Standard opening sizes: 24" x 36", 24" x 24", 18" x 24". Other sizes available upon request.
8. Installation:
  • Instructions for assembly shall be supplied for all doors. A tube of vapor-proof sealant shall be provided; when necessary, drawings and hardware shall be included for optional requirements.

9. Door in Face Frame:

  • When doorjamb is not required, a face frame only shall be made to mount door. Construction shall be same as door jamb (6A).
10. Door Plug:
  • When no framing is required and installation is directly to jamb opening, a door plug shall be made and constructed with or without hardware as required.
11. Door Canopy:
  • Recommended for doors installed outdoors to keep rain, sleet, and snow away from door gasket. Canopy shall be same material and finish as the door.
12. Door Closer:
  • To assure door will be completely closed whenever it is left ajar, a hydraulic, chrome-plated door closer shall be installed on door sizes 30" x 78" through 42" x 84".
13. Vision Window:
  • To provide visibility through door, a 14" x 14" triplepane, tempered safety glass vision window shall be installed in door. A heated glass window shall be installed for freezer applications. Window shall be mounted in center of door at eye level and be easily replaced.
14. Lock Bar:
  • For use when extra security is required. A steel bar prevents door from being opened even if door hardware is removed. An interior safety release shall be included.
15. Cylinder Lock Latch:
  • When required, a latch with cylinder lock shall be installed and furnished with two keys.
16. Kickplates:
  • To protect interior and/or exterior of doors, 16-gauge stainless steel or 1/8' shiny brite diamond aluminum treadplate shall be installed 3' high for protection from excessive bumping of carts or hand trucks.
17. Pilfer-Proof Hardware:
  • For security when required, pilfer-proof attachment screws shall be installed with hinges and latch with special tool included.
18. Metal Finishes:
  • -26-gauge, smooth white, prepainted steel
  • .040, stucco-embossed aluminum
  • -26-gauge, stucco white, prepainted steel
  • -24-gauge galvanneal (used for spec. paint)
  • -22-gauge, stainless steel type 304 No. 4 finish
  • Other gauges, finishes, and materials available upon request
19. Exit Bar:
  • For emergency exit requirements, a panic bar with necessary hardware shall be supplied. A light touch of finger on any part of bar will provide immediate exit. Exit bar available on door opening width sizes 30" through 42" (no exterior latch provided).
20. Track Port:
  • For trolley track opening above door, a 9" x 13" rubber track port opening shall be made to provide trolley access between rooms.
21. Flush Release Handle:
  • For use when standard safety handle may be obstructive, a flush safety release shall be installed.
22. Jamb Trim and Interior Face Trim:
  • To provide an interior finished door installation, jamb and interior face trim shall match interior door finish and be made to cover existing jamb and wall material.
  • Leer warrants original purchaser that doors are free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. Original components (hardware, electrical and options) are warranted against defects in material and worlunanship for a period of one year. See terms of sale and warranty for complete information.
  • Material and product improvement is a continuous commitment for the Engineering Department at Leer Manufactunng. These specifications are subject to modification and/or change without notice.