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The Walk-In freezers listed below are top quality NSF. approved and come with a 10 year warranty on the walk-in box, an optional 5 year warranty on the refrigeration compressor and a 1 year warranty on the rest of the components.

They have an R-Value of R-34.5 using 4" thick wall's with poured in place urethane insulation. Tongue and groove panel edges with cam lock fasteners. (Assembly tool is included).

They are 26-guage stucco galvanized steel exterior and interior with foamed in place panel gaskets. Floors are stainless steel.

Chrome plated hinges and latches. Flush in fitting entrance doors.

They come complete with Pre-assembled remote refrigeration, vapor proof interior light and dial thermometer mounted on the door frame.

They are also available with Pre-Charged refrigeration systems for a small up charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Freezers without floor, must have a specially prepared concrete slab. 

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G24 Indoor Freezers

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7'2" 7'6" 8'2" 8'6"
No Floor With Floor No Floor With Floor HP.
5'10" X 5'10" 1
5'10" X 7'9" 1
5'10" X 9'8" 1.5
5'10" X 11'7" 1.5
5'10" X 13'6" 1.5
5'10" X 15'5" 1.5
5'10" X 17'4" 2.5
5'10" X 19'3" 2.5
7'9" X 5'10' 1.5
7'9" X 7'9" 1.5
7'9" X 9'8" 1.5
7'9" X 11'7" 1.5
7'9" X 13'6" 2.5
7'9" X 15'5" 2.5
7'9" X 17'4" 2.5
7'9" X 19'3" 2.5
9'8" X 5'10" 1.5
9'8" X 7'9" 1.5
9'8" X 9'8" 2.5
9'8" X 11'7" 2.5
9'8" X 13'6" 2.5
9'8" X 15'5" 2.5
9'8" X 17'4" 2.5
9'8" X 19'3" 2.5
11'7" X 5'10" 1.5
11'7" X 7'9" 1.5
11'7" X 9'8" 2.5
11'7" X 11'7" 2.5
11'7" X 13'6" 2.5
11'7" X 15'5" 2.5
11'7" X 17'4" 2.5
11'7" X 19'3" 3

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If you are interested in obtaining the price with shipping cost to your location for one of the above walk-in's simply fill in the form below. Please be sure to fill in ALL the information so we can have someone contact you with the shipping cost, payment method and delivery time.

If you need more then one walk-in, after filling out the form, you will be returned to a page that will link you back to the main pricing page.

PLEASE NOTE: Freezers MUST have floors or specially prepared insulated concrete.

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